E-bike or normal bicycle, which one is better choice for me?

E-bikes are bicycles equipped with motor & a battery to provide easy and fast way to commute. It has been developed as a fast and Eco-friendly daily commute alternative to petrol powered vehicles, not to replace the traditional bicycle. It's also true that it will not replace car and motorcycle completely.

If you love technology, you simply cannot ignore the beautiful innovation that an ebike is. For some people, E-bikes are very useful while for others e-bike is not the best choice. Since we have been asked these questions frequently, here is our honest opinion about what is best for you: an e-bike or a cycle.

Q: I have health issue like injury / asthma / back pain or have undergone a surgery but I wish to start cycling.

A: In such case, we strongly recommend an e-bike. With E-bike, you can exercise to maintain your fitness (with upto 50% efficiency of Ebike as compared to tradtional bicycle). 
You can choose to pedal with much less effort and accelerate whenever you feel tired or exhausted. Instead of giving up cycling or exercise completely, you can enjoy cycling during your daily commute and make yourself healthier and stronger again.

Q: I am a fitness enthusiast & want to start cycling. I want to opt for E-bike initially, so later I could switch to traditional bicycle.

A: In this case we think buying an E-bike won't help you in long run if you wish to be a cyclist. There is no shortcut for becoming a cyclist. You should sweat and build your stamina so you can pedal & ride for long distances. E-bike will give you easy cycling exercise in beginning but you need to move on to cycling after 6 months, and you need to do the same hard work to become a traditional bicycle rider. 

Q: I have a car and motorcycle. I want to have e-bike as a easy commute option which can help build my health as well. I don't want to be a cyclist.

A: YES, e-bike is definitely for you. With OMO Electric cycle, you will save a lot of money and also develop a better health with.
It's an Eco friendly commute vehicle which will take you through traffic faster than any other vehicle. It not only helps you maintain health but also helps to keep the environment healthy with no pollution.

Q: I live outside city, I commute more than 50-100 km daily for work, should I use E-bike?

A: E-bikes are designed for local commute in city so it could help reduce pollution as well as traffic. A daily commute of 50 km can be done on E-bike easily but doing it everyday for work won't be possible practically and you will end up looking for other options soon. You can use car or other public transport for such long commute, so you could save your energy for work instead of reaching office tired. But instead of using car or motorcycle for your daily household work, you could use E-bike easily and get healthier.

Q: If I have an E-bike, should I sell my car or motorcycle as I won't be using it anymore ?

A: E-bike or bicycle are good option for single person commute but if you wish to travel long distances or with friends within a city or you wish to go out on vacation with family, a car would be more useful option. Depending on your usage, you can choose between car, Motorcycle and E-bike wisely. Everything has its own importance & use. E-bike is an alternative for car and motorcycle in most instances of daily usage but not everywhere.

Q: I am not a cyclist, I want to build my health and I care for environment. Does using an E-bike would be cheating?

A: Cheating? With whom?. The question will always be debatable. Since you wish to choose E-bike for easy and healthy commute. It's not actually cheating but a good initiative to develop your health instead of doing nothing. With E-bike, although your efficiency will be low per ride, but you will go for bicycle ride more often rather than giving excuse to yourself for not doing exercise because you were not feeling much energetic to pedal a normal bicycle 

Q: I am over weight, will it help me reduce weight?

A: Yes, it will help you burn some extra calories but it won't be that useful as traditional cycling. An e-bike has upto 50% efficiency of burning fat keeping you healthy as compared to traditional bicycle. So loosing weight would take more than twice the time it will take when you are pedaling a non electric cycle.
As with all other things, both e-bikes & a simple cycle have their on advantages & disadvantages. On one hand, e-bike gives the pleasure of an extremely Eco-friendly but motorized vehicle, with an option to pedal whenever you want, it doesn't replace the pleasure one gets from propelling a bike with one's own muscles.
One thing is for sure, in a country like India, where weather is not suitable for cycling as a means to commute daily, e-bike makes much more sense to as a way of living a healthy, Eco-friendly life.
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