Boost your brain and get 20% less exposed to pollution than car

Our brain needs an extra boost every morning to keep us alert while we are working. No, we are not talking about strong coffee in morning. But we would suggest biking with OMO E bikes pedal assist technology. Just think of it as pedalling with different levels of ease in a gym bike.

It is not a secret that cycling, most economic way to commute, is consider as one of the best exercise and cycling to work offers added advantages. According to a Research conducted by the University of Glasgow in 2017, people who cycle to work have 41% less chances of dying from diseases than people who drive or take public transport. Also, cyclists have 46% lower risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and 45% lower risk of developing cancer.

Another interesting research conducted by Woodcock and colleagues in London, (Woodcock J, Edwards P, Tonne C, Armstrong BG, Ashiru O, Banister D, et al. “Public health benefits of strategies to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions: urban land transport”. Lancet. 2009; 374(9705):1930-43.)

“Premature death would reduce to 531 per million people , which corresponds to a reduction of 5,492 years of life lost per million population"

Still not enough to make you ride more with OMO cycles?

Let's dig a little more research data to give you a broader picture

1) Cycling keeps your brain healthy and more active 

As per a study, people scored more in test conducted for memory, reasoning and planning after 30 minutes of pedaling on stationary bike. It was also observed that these people were able to finish the test faster as compared to people who use public transport. If free stationary cycling has such impact, imagine the brain booster you will get while riding electric cycles on road in free air. 

2) Less exposure to pollution than motorcycle and car

This is most common confusion people have in India that they will expose to pollution more but the results are just opposite.

As per a study conducted by Imperial College of London show that cyclists are exposed to 20% less pollution levels than people in cars. Another study conducted by University of Copenhagen shows that " Health benefits of cycling are 3 times larger than the potential loss of health because of minor accidents and air pollution"

OMO electric bicycle image with customer

3) Cheer up your mood

Cycling is best way to cheer up your mood as, while cycling, you body stimulates chemical like dopamine and cannabinoids ( yes you are thinking right, these are found in marijuana as well) which contribute to reduce anxiety which is main cause of street. Maybe you don't enjoy putting a lot of effort in Cycling but we have never observed anyone without a smile while riding an electric cycle  

4) Helps you get good sleep

Our body needs good sleep to work properly everyday. As per a study, 20-30 minutes of cycling everyday helps people with insomnia to sleep twice faster and increase the daily sleeping time by 1 hour.

Cycling not only help you get good mental and physical health but also helps in reducing the pollution at various level. In our previous blogs , we talked about how the air pollution could be reduced by OMO Ebikes and bicycles, but you would be surprised to see the result of research which says promoting cycling can reduce the level of sound pollution a great extent.

As per a Time study from 2012, 5.3 of the 57 million people dies because of inactivity in their daily life.

This is high time for country like India to educate everyone about the health benefits of cycling and building  better infrastructure in India for Cycling. A very good example is Denmark, where people were interviewed for a research do not consider themselves physically active, even though they ride on average 5 km/day. For them cycling is not a choice of activity but a mode of transport – an attitude of which people around the India could benefit

Ride more and Be healthy :)

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