The Front Brake G (if equipped) must be positioned in FRONT of the Fork. Ensure the Fork is pointing FORWARD before proceeding.
Do not over tighten the stem bolt. Over tightening the stem bolt can damage the steering system and cause loss of control.
• If the handlebar clamp in not tight enough, the handlebar can slip in the stem. This can cause damage to the handlebar or stem, and can cause loss of control.
Insert the Stem into the Fork Locknut B up to the top of the MIN-IN mark A.
2. Tighten the Stem Bolt E just enough to hold it in position.
3. If necessary, loosen the Handlebar Clamp Nut F and rotate Handlebar into a comfort-
able riding position.
4. Tighten Handlebar Clamp Nut F just enough to hold it in position.
5. Align the Stem with the front tire and tighten the Stem Bolt E securely (see Testing
Stem, next section)
6. If necessary, re-adjust Handlebar and tighten Clamp Nut F securely.

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