Manali G7 - The Offroader - 7 & 21 Speed

An MTB style bicycle designed for off-roading & trail performance. The thicker profile tires give great cushion comfort without compromising much on flat terrain   speed Dual disc brake make it the perfect MTB. It is our top recommendation for...
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Rs. 13,599.00
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An MTB style bicycle designed for off-roading & trail performance. The thicker profile tires give great cushion comfort without compromising much on flat terrain   speed Dual disc brake make it the perfect MTB. It is our top recommendation for people who wish to ride bicycle more on trail & outdoors than paved roads. Suitable for height 5'2"-5'8"

 Bicycle Overview

    • Design - Gorgeous matt black frame with highlighting wheels make you stand apart. Always.
    • Light but Strong - Efficient geometry & tube design makes it the lightest bicycle in its segment with the sturdiness of steel.
  • Transmission - Shimano 7 speed gear train makes the bicycle a versatile one for long rides, steep inclines and most urban & off road usage.
  • Suspension - High Quality 60mm suspension make sure your rides are comfortable on the worst of roads.
  • 26x2.10 tires are built to go off road. You will be the comfortable, confident on any terrain.
  • Dual Disc Brakes give superior braking performance and safety to the ride.
  • Adjustable seat height & handle height give the perfect riding posture for kids, adults (men, women) and senior citizens.

 Payment Choices

  • EMI Options Available
  • Secure payments by credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, Wallet
  • SSL certificate for Safety Assurance

 Delivery Process

    • Free Delivery (worth 
  •  1500) to more than 20,000+ pincodes.
  • All OMO Bikes are made to order & have a waiting period. This means it usually takes 2-3 days to ship a new bicycle order from central facility in Haryana.
  • Once the order is shipped, tracking ID is shared via mail & SMS.
  • Delivery Time
    • Tier 1 Cities North Zone - 3-4 Days from day of dispatch
    • Tier 1 Cities East / West Zone & Tier 2 cities of North Zone : 5-6 Days from day of dispatch
    • Tier 1 Cities South Zone and Tier 2 cities of East / West Zone: 7-10 days from day of dispatch
    • Tier 2 cities of South Zone - 10-14 days from day of dispatch

 Packaging, Assembly Information

    • Accessories (worth
  • 900) included in the box.
    • Rotatory bell ( Only With 7 Speed )
    •  Cable lock
    •  Mudguards
    • Side stand
    •  Tools to assemble the bicycle
    • Riding Bag
    • Assembly Manual
  • 85% pre assembled in box (DIY style assembly + professional tuning of brakes/gears is needed)
  • 20 Checkpoint Packaging in 7-ply strong Box.
  • Assembly Manual Instructions & Tools included in the box.

 Warranty & Customer Support

  • Hassle Free 30 Day Part Replacement Warranty
  • 2 Year Warranty on Frame & Fork
  • 24x7 Support via online ticketing system (best in industry)

About Company

  • Gorgeous Urban Bicycles Build By Passionate Cyclists & Engineers
  • Proudly Made in India
  • Bestselling Bicycles on Amazon & Flipkart

 Ride with Riders

  • Follow Us & Ride with Thousands of #omobikes riders
  • Share your rides & get featured on our website & channels

Maintenance, Servicing & Repair

Bicycles, just like any other machine need timely servicing to make sure it rides great every time. For best performance, we recommend the following schedule

  • Initial 30 Days
  • Self DIY assembly + Brake / Gear Tune Up by professional mechanic to ensure you have a safe ride from day 1.
  • 1 month check up, to make sure all moving parts have set in perfectly & working the way they are meant to be
  • After first 30 Days
  • Monthly servicing at a professional mechanic will ensure your cycle lasts long & rides great all the time. (every 30 days or 25 hours of riding, whichever is early)
  • Full Bicycle servicing every 6 months is recommended to keep a check on wear & tear of moving parts.
  • Note: OMO Bikes does not provide any onsite servicing or assembly services in any case. 


Technical Specifications


High Tensile Light Weight Steel 


Suspension (shocker) Fork 60mm Travel from Orbi Shox

Weight 16.9 kg

Dual Tone Double Wall Alloy Wheels

26" x 2.35"

Black Alloy Pedals


Front + Rear Dual Disc Brakes 


Selle Mio Super Saddle

Seat Height 

6" adjust with Quick Release

Handle Bar 

Flat Bar for City Riding 

Max. Weight

105 kg 

Rider Height 

5'2" to 5'8" 

Ideal for 

City Usage & Outdoor Riding more than 15km per day


Shimano Gears 

Centre Axle  Sealed BB Cartridge Kenli


Comparing With Other Popular Models

Model 1.0 Hampi 700 Manali G7
Omobikes model 1.0 comparison with Hampi 700 and manali g7
omobikes hampi 700 comparison with model 1.0 and manali G7
omobikes Manali g7 comparison with model 1.0 and hampi 700
Single Speed
Single Speed
7 Speed Gears
Rigid Fork
Rigid Fork
Suspension Fork


13.5 kg


14.3 kg


16.9 kg

5'2" to 5'8" 
5'6" to 6'1" 
5'2" to 5'8" 
26" x 1.95"
26" x 2.35"
Power V Brakes
Dual Disc Brakes
Dual Disc Brakes
upto 15km daily in city
upto 15km daily in city
more than 15km per day

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Ask a Question
  • Cash on delivery is available or not?

    Cash on delivery is currently not available.

  • Can we take this bike for long distance? I am planning to go Rajasthan from Chennai can I buy this bike blindly?

    Yes , Manali G7 is suitable for long rides.

  • What is the key difference between Manali G1 and Manali G7?

    Manali G1 is a non geared bicycle and Manali G7 is a multi speed bicycle.

  • This item in amazon 14900 only.. Why?

    5% automatic discount is applicable when you checkout through our website.

  • My height is 174 cm weight 80kg. This is suitable for me?

    Yes , Manali G7 is suitable for your height and weight.

  • Is EMI available?

    Yes , EMI options can be availed through credit and debit cards and also through Bajaj finance.

  • My height is 5 feet . Which model comfortable for me?

    Model 1.0 and Model 1.7 are suitable for you .

  • Hai Iam 125kg and 6.3ft which model is best for me kindly guide?

    Our bikes are tried and tested for 105kgs . Currently we don't have any bike suitable for 125 kg weight .

  • What is about load capacity of bike ? How much maximum load it take. As bike is almost within 15kg bit doubtful... pls guide...

    Our bikes are tried and tested for 105 Kgs. It can take upto 110 kgs

  • Emi available hai

    Yes , EMI options are available throgh Credit cards , HDFC debit card and Bajaj Finance

  • Haii iam 130 kg my weight comfortable cycle suggest

    All adult OMO Bikes are tried and tested for 105kgs .

  • Why there is no front gear mechanism in any of your models ?

    We have Introduced the 21 gear model of Manali , In which front gear mechanism is present .

  • What is weight of this bicycle?

    Weight of Model Manali G7 is 14.9 Kgs . 


  • I am 120 kg can I ride this bike ?

    All Adult OMO Bikes are tried and tested for 105 kgs .

  • I'm 5.2. Will Manali g7 suit me??

    Yes , Manali G7 is suitable for you .

  • Can I get Shimano gear system

    Yes , We provide shimano gear system .

  • EMI Available he

    Yes , EMI options can be availed through Credit and debit cards .
    Bajaj Finance option is also available .

  • 100 kg weight person can ride this cycle

    Yes , All adult OMO Bikes are tried and tested for 105 Kg weight .

  • Does the Manali g7 orange come with gears ? No gears shown in the pictures of the orange one. Can I request some more pictures maybe a video of it before I buy it ?? Via mail ? Thanks.

    Yes , it comes with 7 speed gears .

  • EMI payment available or not

    Emi options are available through :-
    -Credit cards 
    -Debit cards 
    -Bajaj Finance

  • Is it compatible for mountain riding

    Yes , Manali G7 is a MTB style bicycle where focus is more on offroading performance & thicker tires offer more comfort in offroading.

  • Do we need to assemble on our own or technician will come?

    All OMO Bikes are shipped in 85% DIY (do it yourself)  style assembled state. This means that customer can assemble the bicycle themselves, using the the necessary tools & instructions manual provided in the box. For most customers it takes 15-20 minutes to assemble the bicycle. However, please note that, once the self assembly is done,it is highly recommended to get the bicycle fine tuned by a professional mechanic. This is to ensure that breaks & gears are working fine, and there is no safety concern while going for a ride.

  • Is it 7*3 gear speed?

    Yes , 21 speed is available now .

  • Can this be used for daily city commute in a tier 1 city luke Mumbai?

    Yes, you can easily ride it in city as well

  • Which brand's Gears is installed in omo G7 ?

    We only use high quality gears in our bicycles. Our partners for gears Shimano (Japan), Vortex (India), Sunrace (Taiwan) etc. Depending on availability and model, the gears can be of different brands. For the batch currently in production, we are using Shimano Shifters, Vortex Derailleurs, GT etc.

  • Which gears are used?

    Depending on Availablity it could be Shimano or Vortex

  • We understand this as awesome product but in rare case is it a returnable product ?

    Yes, we have 7-10 days return policy

  • My height is 6 feet will it be confortable

    Yes, you can use it but i would suggest go for Ladakh.

  • Which company of gear system is there?

    Depending on Availablity. It could be Shimano or Vortex

  • My height is 5.8 is it comfortable for me?


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