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Ladakh X - 7 & 21 Speed Shimano Gears - 700c (Ideal Height 167-188cm)

Ladakh X - 7 & 21 Speed Shimano Gears - 700c (Ideal Height 167-188cm)

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700C / 29 Inch Hybrid Bike

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Ladakh X Geared (7 or 21) is 700c 7 and 21 Speed Hybrid bicycles for Men women and adults with 29T wheel , Dual Disc Brakes and Front Suspension. This Hybrid bike is designed keeping in mind the Indian road condition and hence equipped with Front suspension which gives smooth riding experience. With Thin 700c Tyres and front suspension, this Hybrid Bicycle becomes the most suitable choice of hybrid cycle which can go on all Kind of India roads.

This Bicycle is equipped with 7 or 21 Speed Original Shimano gears Which Makes it easy to pedal on high inclined flyover or even on hilly terrain. With Thin tyres you achieve the great speed and hence this Hybrid cycle becomes the favourite choice for long route travellers as well. (One of our Rider has done India - nepal- Bhutan ) trip on this Bicycle covering more than 4000 Kilometers in 6 months without any issue

ladakh x21 omobikes hybrid cycle

Thin profile tires make it a great speedster while the suspension makes the ride comfortable. This Bicycle is suitable for people in age group of 13 years and above with height 5 feet 6 Inches to 6 feet 2 Inches.

Ladakh X Hybrid Bicycle Overview

  • Design - Gorgeous matt black 18 Inch Steel frame with highlighting wheels make you stand apart. 
  • Light but Strong - Lightest bicycle in its segment with the sturdiness of steel.
  • Transmission - Shimano Tourney 7 or 21 speed gear train makes the bicycle a versatile one for long rides, steep inclines and most urban & off road usage.
    7 Speed Gear Specs 
    * Freewheel  -  Shimano Tourney - AMFTZ5007428 (Tz500, Rear 7 speed, 14-28 Teeth)
    * Crank.       -   Force 1 - Front - 44 Teeth
    *  RD                -   Shimano Tourney - ARDTY500B (ty500)
    * Shifter       -   Shimano Tourney - EF500 (Right )

    21 Speed Gear Specs 
    * Freewheel  -  Shimano Tourney - AMFTZ5007428 (Tz500, Rear 7 speed, 14-28 Teeth)
    * Crank.       -  Force 1 - Front 3 Speed (24,34,42 Teeth )
    * FD            -   Shimano Tourney -  AFDTY500TSM6 (ty500)
    * RD            -   Shimano Tourney - 
    ARDTY500B (ty500)
    * Shifter      -   Shimano Tourney - EF500 (Right /Left )

  • Suspension - High Quality 60mm suspension make sure your rides are comfortable on the worst of roads.
  • 700x35c tires are built to go fast. You will be the fastest & most comfortable one on the road.
  • Dual Disc Brakes give superior braking performance and safety to the ride.
  • Adjustable seat height give the perfect riding posture for kids, adults (men, women) and senior citizens.
  • Free Accessories - Mudguard , Side stand and Assembly Tools

Ladakh X Technical Specifications 


18 Inch Light Weight Steel
with front suspension 


 Double Wall Alloy Wheels

Weight 16.9 kg
700c x 35c (29T)

Black Alloy Pedals


Front + Rear Dual Disc Brakes 

Seat Sell Mio Super Saddle
Seat Height 

6" adjust with Quick Release

Handle Bar 

Riser handle Bar for City Riding 

Max. Weight

105 kg 

Rider Height 

5'6" to 6'2" 

Ideal for 

City Usage & Outdoor Riding  for long rides


Shimano Tourney Gears

Center Axle 

Sealed BB Cartridge Kenli

7 Reasons to Choose Omobikes over any other Bicycle brand in India


Free Delivery All Over India. Bicycle are shipped from Karnal, Haryana. It takes 7-8 days for delivery to metro cities. 1-3 days up and down could happen due to festival season or weather condition such as Rainy season

Return and Refund

7 Days Replacemnet in case of manufacuturing Defect.


2 Years on Frame.
30 Days part replacemnet from day of delivery for any issue

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Ask a Question
  • Are bolts and space given for water bottle holder and can it fit two water bottles in its frame?

    yes frame has option for bottle holder placement. If you buy bottle holder from our website along with cycle bolt will come along

  • When was this model launched?

    This model was launched in 2020

  • Is this available in Nepal (Kathmandu)

    No currently available only in India

  • Is the wheel size 29 inch?

    It is 700c which Seperate nomenclature for wheel size . In inches it is around 28 inch

  • Is thr suspension lock out option

    No, Suspension doesn't have lock option

  • Iam 115 kgs is this suitable for me

    yes you can ride the bicycle, we have tested it for 105kg but some of our customer even weight 120kg are using our bicycles

  • my weight is 95 kg. Is this cycle is good

    yes , it's tested for 105+kg so you can easily ride the bicycle

  • Hi My Ladakh X7 front wheel tyre is puncture, do i need to change the tube? if so what size is required?

    700x35c tube will be used. You can get it fixed like normal tube as well but if you face issue again its better to get the tube replaced, you can buy the spare from our website or create a ticket on website under contact us section and our team will send you payment link for the same

  • I’m planning to buy this bike but how do I assemble it coz I don’t much knowledge of it to assemble on my own, is there any warehouse or service station where i can it for assistance. If yes, what would be the charges.. also when it says it’s a 3*7 speed means 21 speed or just 7 speed.. getting confused here. As per faqs Ladhakh is hybrid however it is showing under MTB bikes. Also I need info about Alloy rigid.. very less detials and No pictures of it on site.

    kindly create a ticket on our website under contact us section. ,We have assembly service available at most pin code in india but it will be chargable , Please share your pin code and our team will tell you if service and assembly at your pin code is available

  • how is tha changing gear leaver

    You need to use the following gear combination smooth shifting and high performance 
    Front - 1 x  Rear -1,2,3
    Front - 2 x  Rear - 2,3,4,5
    Front - 3 x  Rear - 5,6,7

  • Pl suggest me size of bicycle LM my height is 6 feet 1 inch

    You can opt for ladakh X7 or new alloy model, both will be very much suitable for your height

  • Is ladakh ×21 is suitable for 5.3" rider? Can i touch my feet in seating on this cycle? If seat height adjustable can i manage ?

    No sir, From seat lowest position to ground minumum height required is around 5"6

  • size of rear smallest crank and front biggest crank- 7 speed and 21 speed ...both???

    Rear smalles 18

    7 Speed front 44 teeth
    21 Speed Front 24,34,42 

  • how many crank shifts available inn the model...How its 21 gears??

    It has 3 in front and rear wheel have 7 , The combination is 3x7 is 21 and that why its called 21 speed

  • quick release is installed in x7?

    Wheel doesnt have quick realse, 

    Seat Has quick realse

  • Does this comes with Mud guard?

    Yes , Mud guard is included .

  • How to Baja financia, i do have baja finserv card

    You can directly book your omo bike through Bajaj finserv's official website.

  • What is the Difference between manali and ladakh

    Tire size of Manali model is 26T and Ladakh model is 700c*35c .

  • Can a career be installed?

    Yes , Carrier can be installed.

  • Can the suspension be locked?

    Suspension is not lockable.

  • Can I travel 100km in a day with this bike

    Yes , Ladakh X7 and X21 are suitable for Long rides.

  • Is it suitable for a rider of 5'4" height?? Can I place my feet on ground sitting on the seat with seat height at lowest level?

    Ladakh X7 is preferred for heght 5'8"-6'2".
    You'll have to adjust the height of the seat to ride comfortably.

  • Is this a 29T bike ?? And does it need a high maintenance???

    Ladakh X7 has 700c*35c tire size.
    Gears need maintenance after every 6 months , which is same for all the geared bicycles.

  • How much does it cost to convert ladakh x7 7 speed model to 21 speed?

    Cost to convert ladakh x7 7 speed model to 21 speed will take around 1700 rs.

  • About EMI

    - Emi options are available through credit and debit cards .
    - Bajaj finance is also available.

  • My weight is 110 it's suitable forme

    All adult OMO Bikes are tried and tested for 105 Kgs .

  • Does the wheel width differ between Hampi and ladakh series?

    No ,Both Hampi and Ladakh model have the tire size and width .

  • What is the difference between Ladakh x7 and Hampi ? Which one should be preferred for city rides?

    Difference between Ladakh Series vs Hampi series 

    Ladakh Series
    Comes with front suspension. 
    Upgraded version for Hampi 700 for rough roads. 
    Rim color – variation in black and yellow 
    Ladakh is a great hybrid bike for people who want the perfect mix of comfort & speed in their bicycles. 
    Hampi Series 
    Suspension is not there ( preferred on flat and normal roads ). 
    Rim color – Variations in yellow and black. 
    It is designed to be a great urban bicycle, with slightly more focus on speed as compared to Ladakh.

  • Do ladkah x7 have a suspention lock set up?

    No , lockable suspension is currently not available in Ladakh X7 .

  • Can you please tell how much air pressure we have to choose front and back tire in omo ladakh x7

    28 psi

  • Can I get more than 7 speed gear...

    Currently there is only 7 speed option . Stay tuned for the 21 gear model .

  • Why the distance limited to 15 km day ,is there any problem by driving distance above 15 a day

    There is no limit on the distance , you can easily ride up to 30-40 km in a single go with this bicycle .

  • what is the weight of the cycle and is stem height adjustable

    Yes , stem height is adjustable and weight of the cycle is 14.9 kg .

  • What branded tyres are used in Ladakh x1 and how much air fill is required?

    We use Ralson tires in Ladakh X1 , Required air pressure is mentioned on the tire itself .

  • I need a ladakh X7 bike with Shimano gears specifically. Can this be done ?

    Yes , we provide Shimano gears .

  • What maximum distance can be covered with this cycle? Can we take for 2 days drive?

    Yes , you can go for long rides on Ladakh X7.

  • Please don't say as "based on availability gears will change from Shimano , Vortex and Sunrace, because quality & price depends on gears brand and your selling the same Model with same price for different spare parts. This is not good approach to sell. Please mention the exact info on specs before you sell any model of bike.

    We are currently using Shimano tourney gears .

  • OMO bikes available in stores

    Currently we are only available through online platforms .

  • Which derailer has been given with this bicycle?

    Shimano derailleur is used in Ladakh X7.

  • What is the weight of Ladakh X7 cycle?

    Weight of Model Ladakh X7 is 14.9 kg .

  • What is the tyre sizes !? which is the frame alloy or steel!?

    Tire size of Ladakh X7 is 700*35c and  Frame is made up of High tensile light weight steel .

  • can we add gear afterwards to Ladakh X1

    Yes , Gears can be installed in Model Ladakh X1 .

  • Do u have any return policy..?

    Yes , it comes with 10 days return policy .

  • it is possible to change tire rim colour yellow to neon

    Currently there is no room for colour customisation.

  • Ideal for 10+ age?

    It is preferable for height 5'8"-6'2" .

  • I want to ride 100km+ ride not daily but eventually.Is that cycle good for it?

    Yes , It is suitable for long rides .

  • Water bottle holder????

    Yes , bottle + bottle holder is available . You'll have to purchase it seperately .

  • Is this a city bike or a hybrid?

    Yes , Ladakh X7 is a hybrid bike .

  • I am planning to buy an omo cycle my weight is 95kg will it be able to handle my weight comfortable for long time?

    All adult OMO Bikes are tried and tested for 105 Kgs.

  • ITs useful for above 100 KM cycle race

    Yes , It is suitable for long rides.

  • Which age group is for this cycle??

    Model Ladakh X7 is for age group of 15+ .

  • Is it MTB or Hybrid?

    Ladakh X7 is a hybrid bike.

  • Whether it has thin tyre?

    Yes, it has this tires.

  • How many km per day I can ride?

    You can easily ride for more than 40 km on daily basis with Ladakh X7 .

  • Black means complete black right and not a combination of black and yellow?

    Yes , It means both rims are of black colour .

  • What is the company of gear

    Gears are Shimano Tourney. We are one of the OEM for shimano on India, All gears are original shimano Only

  • Which is gear system?

    Gears are Shimano Tourney. We are one of the OEM for shimano on India, All gears are original shimano Only

  • Ladakh07 has which brand gear set?

    Gears are Shimano Tourney. We are one of the OEM for shimano on India, All gears are original shimano Only

  • Gear system?

    Gears are Shimano Tourney. We are one of the OEM for shimano on India, All gears are original shimano Only

  • How many days to deliver your product to kerala

    10-15 days.

  • Cash on delivery is possible?

    Not yet sir.

  • What is the difference between Ladakh X7 and Humpi 707 ?

    Ladakh has front suspenion.

  • Which gear are installed

    Depending on Availablity. It could be Shimano or Vortex

  • Is the gear shimano?

    We only use high quality gears in our bicycles. We are one of the OEM for shimano in India. All gears are original Shimano gears only

  • Is good cycle to go 50 km ride on week end?


  • Is it 3*7 gears or only 7gears?

    7 speed gear sysytem, not 3*7 geras system.

  • What is the difference between Ladakh X1 and Ladakh X7?

    Ladakh X7 has a 7 speed gear system, while X1 is a single speed bicycle. 
    Ladkah X7 is suitable for riders who are looking for more verstality & range with their bicycles. 
    Whereas X1 is more suitable for riders who need a minimum maintenance, great riding hybird bicycle for short rides.

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