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Whenever one buys a bike from online sites like Amazon, Flipkart or the website of any bike company the thing which can trouble us the most is fixing the wheel which doesn’t come installed on the bike.

You can fix the wheels on your bike at home easily if you follow these simple steps –

Step 1: Whenever we are assembling the bike we have to begin from the brakes. The l-pipe and hanger are attached to form the brakes. They both are sometimes attached but a few times it is not that way. If they are attached, we have to push the hanger and pull the l-pipe to disengage them from each other. This clears the pathway for the wheel making it easy to fit in.

assembly omobikes

Step 2: There is a bolt at the centre of the wheel which comes a bit tightened. We have to loosen it to the outside to the maximum extent and do the same for the washer. We need to repeat the same process for the other side as well.

assembling front wheel omobikes

Step 3: Before setting the tyre, we need to see that the grips of both the tyres should be matched. If we set the tyre grips which don’t match, then the resistance i.e. friction while cycling increases and it will affect the speed of the bike. The tyres will also get worn out quickly if the grip is not matched.

Step 4: Now we can put the tyre in the pathway which is quite easy. However, sometimes the tyre doesn’t fit in easily which indicates that the fork needs a minor adjustment. We just need to apply some pressure and stretch the fork a little bit by our hands to increase the gap for the tyre to fit in.

Step 5: Now we need to tighten the bolts. For this, we need a 15mm wrench which is provided by most of the manufacturers with the bike. First, we need to tighten it with the help of our hands.  We need to repeat the same process for the other side. Now we have to hold the wheel at the centre and tighten the bolts with the help of the wrench. Too much force should not be applied while tightening the bolt. Now the wheel must be completely engaged. We can roll it to see if there is any problem in the hub.

fixing front wheel issue while assembling omobikes

Step 6: Now we have to engage the l-pipe with the hanger. Hold one with each of your hands and attach them. As soon as this is done, the brakes will start working

Unboxing MTB hybrid cycle front wheel fixing

Step 7: Now we have to see if the brake pads are dislocated and not aligned with the tyre. In this case, a 5mm or 6 mm Allen key will be required for fixing this. We need to first loosen the brake pad a little. Avoid too much loosening otherwise there it will be difficult later. Now we need to identify the area on the wheel where the brake pad works and put the brake pad there. After this, tighten the brake pad with the help of the Allen key. Most of the time, the brake pads are aligned and it happens rarely that this problem will be encountered.

You can check the entire video here. 


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