OMO Model 1.7 - India's Bestselling Cycle with upgrades

OMO Model 1.7 - India's Bestselling Cycle with upgrades
When we started making Model 1.0, we never expected it to be a continuous bestselling bicycle on Amazon for weeks after weeks within such a short...

how a cycle is made - OMO MOdel 1.0

omo electric bikes bicycles india best
Bicycle is one of the most efficient machines ever invented. A beautiful combinations of smaller machines & parts, a bicycle helps us reach high speeds otherwise impossible by human body (without any external power source).

All you need to Know about Ebike or ELectric Cycle In India

Electric cycles are the finest development in our ever congesting world to provide an easy solution for daily commute woes. They not only save a ...

E-bike or normal bicycle, which one is better choice for me?

long range electric bike india
E-bikes are bicycles equipped with motor & a battery to provide easy and fast way to commute. It has been developed as a fast and Eco-friendl...

Complete guide: How to calculate range of your ebike and Buy best E-bike for you in India

omo bikes electric bike lithium range eco friendly
When choosing an E-bike, the most important thing you must verify is the range of your ebike as a lot of companies list very high range but real ...
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