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Our focus on product development is untiring. We believe great products are achieved with years of hard work, customer feedback, failures & motivation to keep getting better. 

Kids bicycle are close to our heart. Kids bikes are ridden during the most impressionable years, and we want these moments to be nothing short of glorious. We launched Panda series in 2019, and it was received with great love. Kids loved dual tone styling of the bikes, and parents loved the sturdiness, packaging & ease of assembling of the bikes. 

However, there were concerns regarding the performance of the mag wheels used in the bikes over a long period of time. We listened to our customers & got our product team working on it. The result, updated Panda series 2021, which comprises of Panda 14" (for kids aged 3-5 years) and Panda 20" (for kids aged 5-8 years). 

The Panda Series 2021 has super sturdy steel rims with pneumatic tires. The same transmission components that we use in adult bicycles, and much better quality decals. All these ensure that no matter how ruggedly your kid will use these bike, they won't break. These bikes will keep on riding till your kid outgrows them. 

Do let us know what you think of the updated Panda Bikes series.

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