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This post is slightly mistimed as we started selling our bicycles in late September 2018, but soon got stocked out due to unexpected response and demand. However, we listened to our customers carefully, made a lot of changes to our products, tested them out ourselves & started reselling again in March 2019. Since it has been one memorable ride. We have sold over 3,000 bicycles since then. 

We started as a company that celebrates bicycling in its simplest form. Our focus is on all purpose city bicycles that are economical and can do most of the things that a much expensive pro-performance bicycle can do. Loads of feedback from our customers have made us realize, that for a regular city rider, it is the overall bicycle experience that needs rework, instead of adding more gears in the gear train. Since last 2 months, this has been the primary objective of our R&D team, and we will be launching exciting products that make the overall riding experience better. 

OMO Bikes Manali G1

Simplicity in bicycling also means we wish to keep our product line fairly simple and small. Our focus is more on improving our standard bicycles by listening to our customers, taking their suggestions & making them a part of of our journey. This season we have added some new carefully designed products to our range & also added a beta version of customizable bicycle, a dream project that we have been working on for a while & will be launched with full flare soon. 

OMOBikes model 1.0 customer review photoAnother thing that we started was a Rider Reward Program. Our customers share a lot of memories with us. Be the sense of satisfaction of assembling your bike by your own hands or your first long ride on your OMO Bike, riders love to take pictures of their bicycles. We started celebrating this with the Riders Reward Program, where we send cool accessories like USB Headlight, Seat Gel Cover, Multi Tool Kits, Grips etc. to customers absolutely free. The program has been a success as we receive loads of memories every day & our customers get a cooler ride in return. You can read more about this

 Rider Reward program OMObikes 

To sum it up, the past 1 year has beaten our expectations in every way. And there is non other to thank for it but our customers & fans, who have believed in us. We promise to keep improving, making great bicycles & delivering impeccable riding experience.


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