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When we started making Model 1.0, we never expected it to be a continuous bestselling bicycle on Amazon for weeks after weeks within such a short time of launch. Of course, we had put in all our effort to make a great bike, but the love & support that we received from our customers really exceeded all our expectations.
We have delivered thousands of bikes all across the country & people of all ages are riding model 1.0 to commute, workout or just to have fun.
Yes, there are issues, returns, but our primary motive, that is, to 'make beautiful bikes that people love to ride' keeps us pushing to make better bikes everyday.
In this process of improving our bikes, our customers play the biggest role. We keep in regular touch with our customers & take their feedbacks very seriously.
One of the biggest feedback that we received was the need for gears. And so, gears is what we have introduced in Model 1.7.
Specifications - Model 1.7 has Shimano Tourney shifters paired with S-ride thumb shifters. This drive train, together with the already proven frame & other specs of Model 1.0, makes Model 1.7 an absolute steal at this price.

Accessories with OMO Bikes-

Great riding experience comes not just from a great bike but also from the finer details. Keeping this in mind, all Model 1.7 are accompanied with a list of accessories, that make riding experience complete. These include
(1) Tools for assembly & maintenance
(2) Lock. Bell.
(3) Mudguards
(4) Side Stand
(5) Safety Reflectors
(6) Water Bottle + Bottle Holder

Assembly is now easier than ever -

All OMO Bikes are sent 95% assembled from the factory to make sure that assembly is an easy & fun part for the customer. However, learning from feedbacks of our customers, OMO Model 1.7 assembly is taken one step further so that customer needs to do just the following 3 steps
(1) Put front wheel in the fork & tighten the 2 nuts (2 minutes)
(2) Put the handle inside fork & tighten the top nut (1 minute)
(3) Fit in pedals in the crank set (2-3 minutes)
The tools needed to perform the above actions are enclosed in the cycle with a detailed manual.

Better Packaging & Delivery -

We at OMO Bikes take special care for packaging our customers bike & make sure cycles are delivered on time in best condition.
For this we have partnered with some of the best logistics companies in India that provide live tracking & great door to door service.
Our carton is made with high GSM 7 ply cardboard paper, that assures bomb proof safety of bicycle in transit.
The above is just a beginning in a long & fun journey of making great bikes. The process of improvement is a never ending one. Do you have any feedback for our bikes? Do let us know.


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    Hi, i like it in firstlook

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    Hi, thank you for the information. I have a query about the bicycle..
    Which bicycle is the best for the mountains ?

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