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Are you failing to maintain physical fitness in this lock down?
Most of your answer is 'YES'. No problem, here we are giving solutions to all your fitness related problems.
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Covid-19 and Exercise.

Let us first understand, How does the corona disease spread?
COVID-19 spreads mainly by droplets produced because of coughing or sneezing of a COVID-19 infected person. This can happen in two ways:
  • Direct close contact: one can get the infection by being in close contact with COVID-19 patients (within one Metre of the infected person), especially if they do not cover their face when coughing or sneezing.
  • Indirect contact: the droplets survive on surfaces and clothes for many days.

Therefore, touching any such infected surface or cloth and then touching one’s
mouth, nose or eyes can transmit the disease.

So now you have to know the risk of swimming and going to the gym. Gym is the place where many people come to workout and they have to touch workout equipments. What if one infected person enters the gym. Hmm! chances of spread is 99%. Even the swimming pools are not safe as the virus can also spread through the water.

Then how can I maintain physical fitness?
Dont worry like every problem has a solution, even there is a solution for this.

Covid-19 and Cycling

Is cycling safe during this time? My answer is 100 percent YES.
As we all know we should avoid crowd and maintain social distancing in order to
safeguard us from corona. Since cycling is an individual exercise and you do not have to come in contact with any object or person, it is completely safe. Still there are few precautions that we have to take while cycling. Will discuss that at end of the article.

Advantages of Cycling

  • A good muscle workout – cycling uses all of the major muscle groups as you pedal.
  • Good for strength and stamina – cycling increases stamina, strength and aerobic fitness.
  • Easy – unlike some other sports, cycling does not require high levels of physical skill. Most people know how to ride a bike and, once you learn, you do not forget.
  • Cycling promotes weight loss - when it comes to weight loss, is ‘calories out must exceed calories in’. So you need to burn more calories than you consume to lose weight. Cycling burns calories: between 400 and 1000 an hour, depending on intensity and rider weight.

  • Increased cardiovascular fitness - Regular cycling stimulates and improves your heart, lungs and circulation, reducing your risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Best Exercise in Covid at Home in Corona Virus

  • Cycling improves mental well-being - A study by the YMCA showed that people who had a physically active lifestyle had a well-being score 32 per cent higher than inactive individuals.There are so many ways that exercise can boost your mood: there is the basic release of adrenalin and endorphins, and the improved confidence that comes from achieving new things (such as completing a sportive or getting closer to that goal).
  • Cuts heart disease and cancer risk - Cycling raises your heart rate and gets the blood pumping round your body, and it burns calories, limiting the chance of your being overweight. As a result, it is among a selection of forms of exercise recommended by the NHS as being healthy ways to cut your risk of developing major illnesses such as heart disease and cancer.

Best Cycle for Men Under 10000

  • Boost your brain power - A 2013 study found that during exercise, cyclists’ blood flow in the brain rose by 28 per cent, and up to 70 per cent in specific areas. Not only that, but after exercise, in some areas the blood flow remained up by 40 per cent even after exercise.

Benefits of bicycle India
I have discussed a few advantages related to our body but still there are more
advantages of cycling related to physical and mental health.

Safe Cycling Tips


  • Choose the right path. If you are living in a crowded area, choose a path which has more trees, green and less crowded.
  • It is better to wear gloves and a mask while cycling.
  • Ride at safe speed.
  • Keep a safe distance from any cycles in front of you and beware of their sudden stop to avoid accident.
  • Always keep your hands on the handlebar and feet on the pedals. Dont do stunts.
  • If you want to go on a long ride it is better to carry water and home cooked food.
  • If you are a night rider make sure that the cycle has reflectors and proper lights.


Which Cycle To Choose

Most of you are thinking about which cycle to buy. Before buying any cycle keep these things in mind
1. Frame: The heart of the bike. Made of metal (aluminium most often, steel
sometimes, titanium rarely) or carbon fiber on more expensive models.
2. Brakes: There are three types. Coaster hub brakes are found mostly on beach
cruisers. Rim brakes are found on many models, from inexpensive city bikes to
high-end road racers. Disc brakes are cable-activated or hydraulic. They are
heavier but stop better, with less force, in all conditions.
3. After sale service - Yes it is also important factor to consider. In case of damage
of any parts company should be able to provide the service.
4. Spare parts - Many brands don't give spare parts like bell, stand, seat cover, lock
etc. They even charge extra like thousands for this spares.
5. Wheel size - Most of the brands specify the size of wheels and maximum weight.

So choose accordingly.
In my opinion OMO cycles are best. They are currently booming in the cycle industry.
Why I suggest OMO ?
● They provide good quality bikes and have cycles for all age groups.
● Use latest technologies in their bikes.
● Believe me after sale service is excellent. You can reach to them through
whatsapp or direct call for any issues.
● Their cycles are light weight and long-lasting.
These are my personal views and I do not force anyone to agree with my opinion. You can think and choose the best brand for yourself.

Here is the link to my review video of OMO bike model 1.0 -


This article is written by an avid rider & a proud OMO Bike owner. If you wish to share your experience, thoughts with the world through our blog as a medium, reach out to us at care.omobikes@gmail.com and we would be more than glad to feature you. 

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