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Nowadays, most of us buy many things online and cycles are not an exception to this. When we do an online purchase, then the cycle does not come completely assembled as in an offline purchase.   

Hence, sometimes it can seem like a hassle to assemble a cycle, especially when you have never done this before. Looking at the cycle box with many cycle components and the complex-looking assembly manual can get you to think that how will I do it?

However, there is no need to worry as in this article we will solely focus on how to assemble the OMO Panda kid’s bicycle. Moreover, the OMO Panda kid’s bicycle comes 95% pre-assembled so you need to just ‘complete’ the assembly which is a very easy task for anyone. You only require some basic tools and the cycle gets assembled within a few minutes.

So let us begin the assembling process.

Step – 1: Installing the handlebar

Unbox the cycle and take it out. When you take the cycle out, sometimes you may find that the stem of the cycle is twisted in the opposite direction. You need to align this in the right direction.

After this, you need to install the handlebar into the stem. A 5mm + 6mm z-shaped tool which is called the ‘hex key’ comes with the box that will be required for this.

  • There are two nuts on the stem of the cycle. First, you will require the use of the 5mm side of the hex key to open one of the nuts on the stem.
  • Now you need to also loosen the other nut.
  • Then it is required to fix the handlebar into the stem and tighten both the nuts.

Step – 2: Installing the training wheels

Installing the training wheels is extremely easy.

  • Two bolts are connected to the hub and the fork together at the center of the wheel. You need to loosen and take out the outer bolt.
  • Now you need to take the square-shaped stabilizer washer and fix it above the inner bolt.
  • After this, put the training wheel above the stabilizer washer.
  • Now put the outer bolt and tighten with the help of the hex key.
  • Take care that the training wheels are above the ground by a width of one finger. This is the right alignment for training wheels as they will not always touch the ground in this position. If the gap is not there then the training wheels will always touch the ground and you will not know whether your child has learned to balance the cycle without training wheels or not.

Step – 3: Installing the pedals

  • You need to first identify which pedal is for the right side and which is for the left. For this, generally, the pedal spindles (ends) are marked as ‘R’ and ‘L’ and hence you will know it. If they are not marked like this then you can identify them by the linings near the pedal threading. The left pedal has linings while the right does not have these.
  • First, you need to tighten the pedal on the crank with your hands and then with the help of an appropriate wrench. 
  • Now you need to hold the wheel with one hand and then tighten the pedal with the other so that it does not remain loose. 

This completes the installation for the OMO bikes Panda kids cycle. It is very easy to do, does not need any technical expertise, and can be done within a few minutes by anyone.

You can watch the entire video here.


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