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A bicycle helmet is the most important accessory which can prevent injury for a rider in case of an accident. Most of the riders use bicycle helmets during a ride but many times they are not aware of the right way to wear a helmet. This may lead to injury even when the rider is wearing the helmet.

Here are some things which are quite important when choosing and wearing a helmet –

1. Helmet orientation

In most cases, riders are not aware of the correct orientation of the helmet and it hangs on either the right, left, or the backside of the head.

Wearing the helmet in this way does not provide much safety as a large part of the head is open which may get injured in case the rider falls or collides with something.

The correct orientation of the helmet is like this.

The helmet needs to cover the forehead in this manner for maximum safety of the rider.

2. Choosing a helmet of the right size

Choosing a helmet according to the rider’s head size is very important. The helmet should never be oversized. If the helmet does not fit your head it will get dislocated in case of an impact and will not provide any safety.

3. Choosing a helmet with an adjuster

Choosing a helmet that has an adjuster at its back has its advantages.

The adjuster helps in tightening the helmet even if it does not fit you perfectly. In case there is no adjuster and the helmet is loose then it will dislocate during an impact.

4. Right position of helmet strap

The right position of the two straps in the helmet needs to be below your ear like this.

Any other position of the straps is not correct.

The strap which fits below the chin has an adjuster. It should neither be too tight nor loose. This adjuster needs to be tightened to such length that there is a gap of three fingers from your chin.

This measurement is ideal for maximum safety.

If you take care of all these things then you will be very safe during a bicycle ride.

If you have any further questions regarding choosing the right kind of helmet or related to it then feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

You can watch the entire video here.


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