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Unpacking & assembling a brand new bike is one of the most exciting thing about a new bike. But it can be a nightmare without proper directions or know-how of a cycle. In this post, we explain step by step, how you can assemble a new OMO Model 1.0.
The Box & Its Unpacking
All OMO Bikes are packed & delivered in a very solid 7-ply carton, that ensures that the bike reaches its owner safely.
Inside the box, the bike is wrapped in dry crop. This makes it shock proof against any kind of damages during shipping. We use minimum plastic in our packaging ( and whatever plastic is used is recycled from other parts).
omo bikes assembly manual how to bicycle assemble
Cut open the belts & tapes of the box, remove the dry crop & take out the following contents from the box. Box Contents
• 95% assembled bike
• Pedals.
• Front Wheel
• Cable Lock
• Bell
• Side Stand
Tools needed to assemble your bikes
• Allen Key 5 mm
• Allen Key 6 mm
• Pedal Wrench / Spanner
• Nuts & Screws
Setting Up the Bike
Put all the contents of box by your left & right hand side, and put the cycle in front of you.
Rest the cycle on side stand so that further assembly steps becomes easy for you.
Step 1:
For safety purposes, the fork is rotated 180 degrees (towards your cycle) while packaging.
So, as a first step, rotate it back to its proper position like shown in image.
Then, Pull out the brake wire as shown in video below.
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Step 2: Front Wheel
• Remove the spacer from the fork.
• And put inside the wheel like shown. Tighten the nuts. Now both your wheels are in place.
• Put the brake wire back at its place.
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Step 3: Handle Bar
• The handle bar + stem are tied on the downtube. Untie them, and put the stem inside down tube as shown in figure.
• Tighten the nut on top.
• Tighten the nuts of brake levers. And your handle bar is set up.
Step 4:
• Take the pedals out of their packing. You will notice letters imprinted 'R' & 'L' on them (as shown). Take pedal wrench / spanner (as shown) in one hand, pedal in other. Put the pedal screw inside the hole in crank as shown and rotate with help of spanner. Repeat this for the other side as well.
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With these quick 4 steps, your bike is up & running. It usually takes around 10-15minutes to reach this point. Having done these properly, there would be no problems in riding the bike. However, it is suggested that before going for a long ride, rider must get it checked
Adding Accessories
Accessories are what make a bike practical & useful. In the above list of accessories, the following are installed by default on every bike
1. Side Stand
2. Reflectors
One can install mudguards easily following these simple steps.
All OMO Bikes are insured by Chola Mandalam & Toffee Insurance, some of the most trusted companies in their domains. This insurance includes complete protection against theft & accidental damages.
How to avail insurance: At the time of delivery, customers will be approached by our insurance team. Customers are required to share the serial number of their bike frame & give their consent for insurance.
Customers will never be asked for any kind of payment for 1 year from the date of purchase. Thereafter, it is upto the customer to renew the policy at a nominal price or not.


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