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Where is your factory?

Are the bicycles Indian or Chinese?

Where Do You Plant Trees?

Do We have Any Physical Stores / Dealers?

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Can I buy the bicycle on EMI?

What all Bank Cards are supported for EMI?

What all EMI methods are accepted by OMO?

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What is the Warranty for Bicycles?

Is the Handle Adjustable?

What kind of handle, stem & fork assembly is there in OMO Bikes?

What are the Brake Levers Made of ?

What is the difference between Power V brake and Disc Brakes?

What is the company for brakes in OMO bikes?

Are the Tires Tubeless?

Which company tires are used in bicycles?

What Brand Suspensions are used in OMO Bikes?

Is the seat/saddle comfortable for long rides?

How can I adjust the handle?

What is the frame material?

What is the frame size in OMO Cycles?

Are shock absorbers/ suspension lockable in cycle?

What is the rim material and is it single wall rim or double wall rim?

Are the OMO bikes rust free?

Multi Speed Bicycles/Geared Bicycles

What is the difference between 21 Speed Gear System and 7 Speed Gear System?

How to do Gear Tuning?

What is the company of Gear set?

Do Geared cycle requires any special maintenance

Electric Bicycles / Bikes

What is the Battery Life

What is the Range per Charge ?

What if I am facing issues with my Ebike

Can I get the Battery Replaced from Any Other Source / Company?

Can I add an additional back seat on Ebike?

Is the Electric bike water resistant?

Can any hybrid cycle from OMO be converted into Electric bike?

Servicing and Cycle Parts

Where can I buy cycle parts?

How does OMO help in servicing Cycles?